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To be honest with you starting a blog was never really something I could picture myself doing. I always enjoyed writing down what’s going on in my head, the thought of sharing my life with the whole world was quite a bit scary though. Yet I like to believe that everyone and everything in this universe is connected and that each and everyone of us has a unique gift. I am striving to add value to the community I’m living in by helping others to obtain an improved quality of life. Living a healthy lifestyle really is a passion of mine and I will be sharing my own approach on moving through life mindfully, nourishing body and mind and keeping it fit and flexible, in a way as transparent and authentic as possible. Since 2019, I’ve been following my passion and doing educational work professionally and personally, helping women to live more in tune with their menstrual cycle and keep their hormones healthy and happy. I’m happy to take you along on my journey.




education & workshops




Certified Hatha yoga teacher in accordance to the international guidelines of Yoga Alliance and RYS200

Yoga Akademie Austria




Hands-On Adjustments

Mark Stephens (USA)

Cityyoga Graz, AT




Yin Yoga & Fascia Work teacher training (50h)

Yolene Bayda (CA)

Karma Teachers, Vancouver B.C.




Meridian Yoga

Daniel Orlansky (USA)

Cityyoga Graz, AT





Holistic Women’s Wellness Mentor Certification

Wellness Blessing





Hormone Health Coach Certification

IIN – Institute of Integrative Nutrition


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