Comparing my period underwear – Pourprées, Femtis and shethinx review

AD: This post is published in collaboration with Pourprées

In this post I compare my period panties with each other and talk about the pros and cons and my personal opinion of the different models. You can find out more about the general benefits of period underwear here.

Let’s start with the one I’ve had the longest:

The ‘High-Waist’ by shethinx

I bought this period panty during my time in Canada and I am still very happy with it. I usually only wear this one at home, because I find the cut not quite ideal under everyday clothes. Even when I wear jeans they are visible and I’m just not the biggest fan of that. On the lighter days of my period, I wear these at home and at night. The material consists of polyamide, elastane and polyester. Only the gusset is made of cotton.

shethinx states that their underwear is tested for harmful substances and complies with the OEKO-TEX®️ Standard 100. It feels comfortable to wear, as these period panties are relatively thin. I also personally like the design with the mesh inserts. However, I think that the breathability could be better. I assume this is due to the polyester. The absorption capacity is 1.2 menstrual cups or 4 tampons.



Next up:

‘Jule’ by Femtis

This period panty is a super absorbent, high-waist panty with an extra absorbent layer. Due to the extra layer, I feel that the panties are also significantly thicker. The brief is made of multiple layers with a protective membrane of PU coating. This model is definitely my most comfortable period panty, as they are quite loose fitting and even by my standards are extremely high-waist. I also only wear these at home, as they just feel too thick for me to wear in everyday clothes. In jeans, they actually slightly feel like wearing ‘diapers’. ‘Jule’ is ECO certified and free of silver chloride and other biocides. The briefs can hold up to 1 menstrual cup or 3 tampons of fluid.



‘Svea’ by Femtis

This model is a period thong with lace for rather light days. I like to wear this period thong when my period is almost over. I also like to wear it in everyday life, because the thong is almost invisible under my clothes. This model consists of several layers with a protective membrane made of PU coating. I rarely wear briefs, so I think it’s great that there are now period thongs on the market. On the heavier days of my period I would not wear this one because I can imagine that leaking is very much possible. Also, in summer I often find the Femtis period underwear a bit too warm because it is rather thick. ‘Svea’ is also ECO certified and free of silver chloride and other biocides. The panties can hold up to 1/2 menstrual cup or 1 tampon of fluid.



The next two period panties are my new additions and I love them already:

‘Cattleya’ by Pourprées

These period panties are – well, guess what! – also high-waist, because I simply feel most comfortable in those. The highlight? It’s made from high-quality organic cotton and embroidered tulle under excellent working conditions in France – I like!

I feel like period underwear is usually functional and comfortable, but not very nice to look at. That changes with this period underwear! I think the lace makes it an absolute eye-catcher and I would definitely also go as far as calling it sexy.

This model also consists of several layers. The layer that is in direct contact with the skin is made of OEKO-TEX® 100 certified organic cotton. I think that’s really amazing. In addition, eucalyptus fibers are used because they are known for their absorbent properties and are less harmful to the environment than, for example, bamboo fibers. I especially like that they feel thin, while providing really good protection. It’s actually the first period underwear I’ve owned that I also wear in everyday life (not just at home in sweatpants) and feel completely comfortable in. For me, these period panties, are the ‘full package deal’. These period panties can be worn for 8 to 12 hours without bad odours or a feeling of wetness. This model is recommended for medium to heavy bleeding and can therefore be worn with all bleeding intensities.


‘Dahlia’ by Pourprées

These two are not very different, but what is better than one beautiful period panty? Exactly, two of them! This brief is also high-waist and made of organic cotton and embroidered tulle. It is suitable for very heavy bleeding, making it also perfect to wear postpartum. No biocides (such as copper or silver nanoparticles) are used, which is important because biocides pose a risk to the environment and our health. Another nice thing about Pourprées is that they offer fair prices. Both for their customers and their seamstresses. If you buy 3 period panties you get a discount of -10%.



To make your period really sustainable you should definitely get a good selection of period underwear. After all, it also takes a little time until the briefs are dry again after washing, so you just need a few panties to change. From experience, I know that reviews and testimonials are always helpful in making the right choice. I am also someone who always looks for testimonials and reviews before making a purchase. I hope this post helps you make the right choice for you and your period. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me here on the blog or on Instagram.